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At  Ducati Wins, We put our 40 years of experience to work for you everyday so you don't have to.We share the same goals as you (the sports bettor) and that is finding the edge and using it to beat the sportsbook.

We are not about just posting picks and taking your money. If you join our service,we are here to help you become a more profitable bettor. We do not play every game on the board and we may not have any plays on some nights because they are not strong enough to have an edge. We only give out plays to our clients,where we believe we have an edge!

We study the matchups,the schedule, injuries,weather reports,and the Vegas Lines.We also make our own lines on each game and use them to seek value. Betting with an edge is the Only chance bettors have.to beat the sports books. We can't win every game,but the goal is to win more than we lose and build profits and our bankroll slowly and consistently.

My name is Tommy Ducati. I was born in the Bronx New York. I learned and experienced sportsbetting at an early age. At 12 made my first bet at Belmont Racetrack and hit the daily double that paid 102.00 for a two dollar bet.At 13 I passed out football sheets to everyone I came in contact with and made alot of money.By 16 years old I was making bets at local bookmakers and always had action on sports and horses.Im 62 and I'm still at it.Lol

I do not make claims of hitting 70% or more like some of the other sports handicappers.I do not give out a lot of games.I care about my clients and I like to see them Win!We do not chase after a loss and we do not increase our bets off a win. If you are a 100.00 player than all your bets should stay at 100.00 etc 

Sportsbetting is fun and entertaining.We hate.to Lose! But we love when we Win! Which is why we help and provide 1000s of sportsbettors with high percentage picks and a proven betting strategy  to help give you the sports bettor the edge to beat the sports books!

We do this full time 24/7 365 days a year! This is how we make our living.Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

We are for a limited time offering you our premium picks for free! Just sign up below! We will start at the beginning of the College Football season,and the start of the Nfl season.

We do for free post horse picks as well.Every Wed morning we post one stock priced at .50 to 5,00. See my posts at Twitter-- Ducati Wins @ Bigman90


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